I haven't had lung infections or been sick since taking Tiffanae's herbs.  
—Michael Beckwith, New Leaf Market

Loving how in control of things that I am. You have changed my life in powerful ways.. healing with love is what you do. The new routines are soothing and comforting, and I attribute all of this extra energy to the new diet.  
—Haley Carter, Team in Training Coach

My blood pressure has gone down, and I don't have as much fluid retenstion.  I don't crave sweets anymore, and feel more satisfied.  Tiffanae adds positive things positive things that are good for you. 

-June Maher

“I quickly noticed that the herbs Tiffanae formulated for me made my skin glow. Integrating the herbs and other Ayurveda principles into my diet that helped me reduce my bad cholesterol significantly.”
—Kristin Klaas, Project Manager - Juniper Networks​

Tiffanae is an amazing Mentor, Healer, and Teacher.

-Christina Espaillat, Yoga, Ballet & Pilates Teacher

“Tiffanae has created a total life awakening for me. Tiffanae’s expert life style coaching, along with identifying my imbalances, helped my body remember how to heal itself. Tiffanae’s holistic Ayurveda approach helped me get to the root of the problem and create a balance in my body and mind. Tiffanae is a true healer, totally dedicated to providing the tools necessary for your healing journey. I have improved digestion and  I never felt so anxiety free.” I can handle stress better, don't get asthma like I used to, She has empowered me, centered & grounded me…She is truly a goddess, a saint, and an angel for the people of the world and the animal kingdom.  
— Rosann Spetti, Certified Medical Assistant

“Tiffanae was referred to me by two very satisfied clients. I was a little skeptical as I knew very little about Ayurveda. Within a short time, I was a believer.  Tiffanae is extremely knowledgeable and professional.  Prescribed herbs were delivered to my home and after taking them for a little over a week, I noticed a difference, I felt calmer.
—Teri Handzel, Marketing and Finance Consultant

I feel stronger and I have more energy. The herbs have helped my immune system and the total plan helps me sleep deeply and peacefully. I highly recommend her to help you achieve optimum health.”
— Jemila Rose, Retired Recruiter

My experience has been incredibly enlightening. My lifestyle habits changed and I’m learning to take better care of myself. I feel energized and more alive. I have seen improvement in my anxiety and stress levels; feeling more peaceful and calm.  My mood is better, my self esteem has improved, and  I no longer get migraines!! Tiffanae gave me tools that will last a lifetime and improve the quality of my life.
Michelle Beckwith, Nurse and Wedding Photographer

Tiffanae is an amazing positive healer; but more importantly, she teaches you how to help heal yourself with skills that you can use for the rest of your life. The combination of bodywork (with insightful intuitive massages), spiritual, energetic guidance and practical advise on how to restructure the basics (eating, sleeping, walking) for optimal health is unique;  this is what makes me drive from San Francisco to Santa Cruz to see her !  I appreciate that she integrates body-mind-soul guidance specifically for me; the herbs she formulated for a special blend based on my individual health needs. I don't feel compartmentalized,  as this often happens in allopathic medicine.  She keeps me on track with weekly check-ins, and meets me where I am in the journey to health, healing and balance.  She is a professional, no-nonsense coach, a gentle, kind and intuitive healer, an astute and supremely knowledgeable Ayurvedic practitioner. She goes the extra distance to make sure the plan and guidance is working for you; for example, in addition to telling you what kinds of foods to eat, she will suggest recipes as well.  She meets me where I am at and gives me suggestions that I can integrate into my life. Thank you Tiffanae!!!!!!!!!!!

-Aparna Kota, Pediatrician

Christine Hoeflich shares about her daughter's profound healing experience:

This program is not like other fads, it is common sense stuff, every thing I've read on menopause diets that work I have already found in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda… it feels right in my body.  
—Erin Ramsden Talbot

Tiffanae Dawn


After seeing six doctors for sinus treatment, and being told I need surgery on my sinuses. I got on Tiffanae's herbs for two weeks and I no longer need surgery!!  I have less fear, sleeping better, and even moments of JOY. 
—Yvette Leake, Montessori School Teacher

Thank you so much for your amazing healing. After 3 years of hurneated discs and sciatica, your herbs and massage have given me results like no other. There is  a flow out of the top of my head, I feel like I am floating or flying with a big smile on my face… so little pain and so energized.  
—Steven Kay :)

“Thank you, WOW! The release exercise you gave me is so powerful, I can breathe.”
—PJ Iyer, Environmental Service Specialist

Tiffanae's advice, counsel and guidance has been life changing for me. She is a wise, knowledgable cheerful sage who reminds me that my attitude, decisions and choices affect my health.  I am finally investing in myself!
—Suzanne Agasi, Realtor, Clothing Swap Inc

“Regular sessions are helping my fibromyalgia.”
—Diane Davidson, RN

Almost speechless, but here goes:Since you have been treating my mom, she is literally a different person. I was out of answers and options and lost as to what to do with her. Your whole program is changing her from the inside out. She is happy, positive, healthy, losing weight, and joyful. She is actually sending me uplifting and positive notes and phone calls. She met someone and they are planning on getting married!!. Her life has changed in 3 short months. I have only ever wanted to see her happy and she is! She has a sparkle in her eyes. It's crazy good. I was somewhat skeptical but trusted you and you did your thing! Thank you ~ Karon Waelty Nelson

Tiffanae has cured my 8 yr old rescue dog of chronic conditions. Including bladder infection, digestive disorder, restlessness, aloepacia, chronic pain, full body seizures. She is now bright eyed, playful, calm and trusting. The successful treatment with these herbs for multiple conditions has resulted in the mistrusting rescue dog learning to true and brought us closer!
—Patty Lopes, Skin Care Speicalist 

Ayurveda is yummy, I lost 5 lbs. the first week and my stomach digestive issues are gone.  These are the first supplements I have been able to take that don't make me gag.

-Noelle Bell

“Tiffanae’s nurturing strength, calm focus, and exquisite techniques make her the best massage therapist I have experienced. Tiffanae is a wealth of knowledge with supportive information regarding all aspects of good health and positive daily routines. I am so blessed to have Tiffanae in my life.”
—Alison Scott, Tax Professional/Preparer

Tiffanae is an amazing woman and an exceptional healer.  She started helping when I got out of the hospital with a life threatening condition, and has played a huge part in my recovery.  I have been in and out of treatment my whole life and have never been doing as well as when working with Tiffanae. 
—Audreanne Rivka Sheehan

Transformational Health 

I was seeing an acupuncturist after having  suffered a miscarriage. With the treatment, the pain in my lower abdomen was able to subside and I began to eat "supposedly" healthy but then I began to suffer much from bloating and I was stuck at the same spot with me weight and feeling tired a lot despite the fact that I was trying to eat healthier.  Istarted my treatment with Tiffanae, and in a short period of time through TIffanae's instruction on eatting correctly for my body type and the herbs that she had her herbalist blend for me… I have been able to shed 13 lbs. in 3.5 months without having to starve myself, follow a fad diet and has reduced my cravings drastically.  Effortlessly for the 1st time since I was a teenager have I been able to lose extra pounds.  This is also after TIffanae had me cut back on my running, which was only  taxing and exhausting to my body, and to exercise that is more agreeable to my body.  I have been feeling much better and things that used to stress me out at work do not do so anymore.  Tiffanae is more than a great coach & teacher for me, she is also a compassionate healer and for me has been God sent!

​-Maria Mendoza, Staff Attorney Superior Court Monterey

Thank you for helping me heal with all your good energy and glowing being. The amazing herbs and massage helped my organs function better.. even my bustling and arms look better.  Your the best and I love you dearly,  
—Karen Judkin, Artist & Personal Coach