Meet Your Practitioner

Tiffanae Dawn, longevity expert, practices from the foundation of Ayurveda the "Science of Longevity".

In her own journey for health and self mastery, Tiffanae finally found relief with the practical and effective practice of Ayurveda. Traveling the world and gathering deep healing experiences from many cultures lead her to a broad spectrum  of healing modalities to help others on their journey.

Tiffanae's warrior spirit fueled her to become a health professional, profound healer, and animal advocate. From being a working single parent supporting herself through many years of school, Tiffanae has excelled against all odds in achieving her degree as a clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. Her enthusiastic graceful character is supportive to people and animals through her healing.

Her love for this specialized medicine helps people to experience deep insights and shifts in consciousness. Grounded in her knowledge and wisdom she naturally radiates inspiration and encouragement to all.

                   Her favorite motto is:

                        "All shall be well"


            Tiffanae Dawn Luke C.A.S.

            Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist    831-431-0881