Cleanse Rejuvenate & Anti Aging

  • Consultations
  • Medical Intake & Diagnosis
  • Herbal Prescriptions
  • Ayurvedic advising
  • Transformational practices that are easy to use in your daily life
  • Learn what food will energize or weaken your unique composition

Initial Intake $170- Two visits including personalized diagnosis, food plan and design of herbal formulations.

Ongoing Consultation $85- Sustained healing and health couching

**Special package $571 for 8 consultations**




     Herbal Prescriptions

  • Digestive Formula- Anti aging, increases metabolism, aids in the absorption of nutrients, eases elimination and prevents disease.
  • Rejuvenation Tonic- Repairs depletion, creates restful sleep, tonifies nervous system for sustained energy, focus and clarity 

        *Prescription market price*




  • Deeply relaxing- Tiffanae's signature treatment of Ayurvedic Body Therapies, Thai, Swedish, Chi Gong Energy Healing. Abhyanga Facial Pressure Points with herbal infused medicinal oils.
  • Emotionally balancing and cleansing
  • Deeply Relaxing and profoundly healing
  • More than a massage- a true healing experience
  • Body Sculpting Detox- detoxify and improve your immune system. Reduces fat, cellulite, and cell toxicity. Tones, firms and improves elasticity of the skin. Renewed confidence and self esteem.


     Pet Treatment

  • Reduced Vet bills, comfort, healing and vitality
  • Heal at the core of the imbalance rather than medicating the symptom
  • Custom tailored herbal prescriptions, dietary suggestions
  • Massage and energy healing


Group Presentations

Gather your team and experience a fundamental healing approach on how to achieve personal success. A brief and captivating teaching will shift you into a new dimension of being

  • Improve personal focus
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase productivity
  • Relax, recharge and reset

                                ** Services are performed in Person, Skype or Phone** 


You must complete the Confidential Client Intake Form and Informed Consent Form prior to booking with Tiffanae Dawn